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Elder Law

Elder Law is a broad division of law that includes many sub-sections, all of which relate to caring for clients who are aging, or otherwise declining in health. Often, planning our wishes for the future sooner rather than later gives us more control over our available options and results in happier, more comfortable long-term care. If it’s an option that can be pursued, obtaining some form of long-term coverage often provides our clients a form of peace of mind. Long-term care planning and payment options can be numerous, and can be self-funded, family-funded, insurance-funded, or government-funded. Our team understands that planning for yourself or a loved one can be delicate, and we want to help you understand all of your options and select the best path for your needs.


Medicaid is a government funded medical service, and often serves as the final, emergency option for those who have no other way to finance their long-term care. Medicaid eligibility rules vary by state, although there are some federal minimum standards and guidelines must be observed. Understanding what qualifies one for Medicaid, as well as when Medicaid is needed can be difficult, but Heritage Law can help you navigate the complicated Medicaid landscape and avoid any of the common financial setbacks associated with the high cost of long-term care.