Business Law

Business Law can be complex, but whether you’re starting a business, looking for additional support, or ready to hand off your business to the next generation, Heritage Law can help. Our team has hands on, personal experience with the intricacies of running a business, which helps us assist you through each stage of your business.



    Starting a new business can be a very exciting adventure, but starting a new business also comes with a high risk of failure. During the start-up phase, one of the the best investments a business owner could make is a well-crafted plan. At Heritage Law, our goal is help our clients succeed in their business ventures. By working together with our clients, we can help create a business plan with the aims to minimize risk and increase the likelihood of success. We can also help you select the right business entity, protect your assets, and craft proper management, operating, and employment agreements.


    Once your business is up and running, it can be easy to become sidetracked and neglect completing the important legal and regulatory requirements for your operation. A major key to success is in ensuring that your business has the ongoing support it needs. Heritage Law can provide a multitude of options to suit the support your business needs, including providing guidance on:


    Being able to successfully pass a business from one owner to another, or from one generation to the next, is a crucial step in ensuring that you, your clientele, and your employees are all well served. However, succession involves some serious risks that must be addressed. When the time comes, and you’re contemplating either selling or purchasing a business, our team can offer our assistance by helping you structure the transaction, negotiate the terms of your behalf, drafting the requisite documents, and determining what review and due diligence should be done to validate the representations of the other party.

  • drafting agreements

  • drafting contracts and leases

  •  enforcing contractual rights

  •  maintaining corporate records

  •  enforcing security interest

  •  prosecuting and defending litigation

  •  breach of contract disputes

  •  and much more.